Dog Walking

The importance of walking and exercise for your dog can not be overstated. For most active dogs it is the highlight of their day. It is generally acknowledged that most IMG_3041_edited-1-3.jpgowners significantly underestimate the amount, type and frequency of exercise required to keep their loved ones healthy. It is not just their health, many behavioural problems such as barking, biting, digging and destructive scratching around the home can be linked to insufficient exercise and social contact. To find out more about your dogs needs and the service we provide just click on the picture.

Home visits for your Dog

Dogs are pack animals and generally don't react well to being on their own for long periods of time. Then, of course there are the basic needs of feeding, 220X154-1-3.jpgwatering, toilet and not least interaction with love attention and play activities.

Our Home Visit service can help with all these needs should your circumstances require you to leave your dog(s) for longer than you wish

Whilst, for most dogs, a walk is probably the most valuable break they can have a home visit can be particularly useful for puppies and elderly dogs.

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Dog Transportation

Our luxury air conditioned fully caged vehicle is available to safely transport your loved one.


Whether it is to take them to the very best walking locations, a visit to the vets, that grooming appointment even (god forbid) an emergency We are available to transport your dog. Click on the picture for more information.

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Our ambition for Maisilly is to build a business which makes a real difference to the needs of dog owners who face difficult challenges in balancing the needs of their dogs with the changing and challenging demands of today's lifestyles.

A recent report published by the PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals) indicated some worrying figures indicating that many dogs seemed to be bearing the consequences of the changing demands being made on their owners. They found that "virtually a quarter of all dogs in the UK were not getting the recommended amount of companionship. They were being left alone for long periods of time, resulting in loneliness, distress and boredom on a daily basis; leading to a wide range of behavioural issues including destructive behaviours and separation anxiety. Dogs need companionship and stimulation to safeguard their mental wellbeing". Some key findings in the report showed:-

  • 1.9 million dogs are left at home for longer than recommended every day
  • The 18 - 24 year age group leaves their dogs alone for longer than 5 hours per day. Not surprisingly, working people leave their dogs alone for the longest periods.   
  • When asked 52% of owners thought 5 hours or more was an acceptable period to leave a dog alone (The maximum recommended is 4 hours on a routine basis).

In addition most expert opinion indicates a significant underestimate of the amount of exercise needed by dogs, particularly the working breeds. Indeed, figures from the PSDA report suggests less than one-in-three dogs enjoy more than an hour’s daily exercise.

Owning a dog is a joy and pleasure which many will testify to being one of life's most rewarding, and fulfilling experiences: an absolute must do sometime during your life. We hope that the services we offer at Maisilly can enable this joy and pleasure to be brought to people who wish to own (or continue to own) a dog but are not able to provide all the necessary care, all of the time.

We are currently offering Dog Walking, Home Visits and Transportation services but will be developing and launching more services indicated here on our website in the coming months. We will, of course, keep you in touch with developments as we bring them online.