• Dog Walking. 

    We are here to provide your loved one with one of the highlights of their day, the walk. We have a range of walking time slots available to suit your needs. We believedog_exercise_set.jpg your dog’s daily walk achieves three essential and basic requirements for your dog’s well-being:-

    Exercise - providing a balance of healthy exercise and physical stimulus to promote fitness and healthy weight maintenance.

    Socialisation – providing opportunity for socialisation with other dogs and people.

    Stimulus & fun – a change of environment in some wonderful locations stimulating your dog’s active and enquiring mind.

    For full details of our dog walking services and a lot of background information go to

    Dog Walking 

  • Home Visits for Dogs and Puppies

    Most experts agree that 4 hours is about the maximum that an adult dog should be left on their own (less for puppies and elderly dogs).  A220X154-1-3.jpg recent survey carried out by PDSA (The peoples dispensary for sick animals) indicated that 1.9 million dogs are left alone for 5 hours or more each working day.

    If you need to leave your dog alone for longer than you wish then our Home Visit service is for you. Whether it is an occasional one off or more regular requirement for work commitments, we can help. To read more about our home visit services and related information go to

    Home Visits   

  • Dog Transportation

    Our air conditioned, fully caged vehicle is available to transport your dog. It may be that you don't IMG_0314-3.jpghave access to transport to take your pet to the vets or groomers. Maybe that vet appointment conflicts with work or social arrangements. Whatever your needs we can help. For more information go to Transportation 

  • lilly_3_edited-2.pngDog Grooming    

    In the coming months we will be offering a full range of grooming services. Please stay in touch for future announcements.

  • Dog Training and behaviour

    As part of our Dog Walking and Home Visit services we will be providing basic training routines asAlfie__Beau_edited-1-1.jpg part of the service. There will be times when we feel that a dog requires more specialist training and will make appropriate recommendations to our clients.

    We are also proposing to offer a range of Training and Behaviour services in the near future in partnership with a qualified dog trainer. Stay in touch to see more details.

  • Dog Day Care and Boarding


    In the medium term we are intending to offer a range of Day Carecasper_2_edited-1.png and boarding services to clients. Kennels, of course, offer a viable service but through discussions with our clients and contacts we feel strongly there is a more attractive solution.

    We are presently working hard to provide what we believe will be a more home from home day care and boarding option. Please watch this space for future announcements. 


  • Doggy Products

    There are thousands and thousands of products on the market for dogs. Through our research and contacts weHome_Visits_3_original-1.jpg come across certain products that we feel merit attention for their purpose, quality and uniqueness. It is our intention to feature these products on our website and make them available to our clients. We hope to have our initial range of products available on the website in the coming months.


  • Dog Walking

    Our main activity

  • Home Visits

    Care, cuddles and cuisine

  • Transportation

    For whenever you dog needs a taxi

  • Grooming

    They like to look good

  • Training and Behaviour

    Sometimes they just need to be told

  • Day Care and Boarding

    When leaving them is just unavoidable

  • Doggy Products

    From the essential to the extravegant