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    This is my beautiful Lilly (aged about 4) a fine Yorkshire Terrier. She was in her 19th year when I had to make the most difficult decision to say a final goodbye to her. She played a massive part in my life and I am so pleased that her memory will live on as part of the Maisilly name and logo.

  • IMG_2302-1.jpgThis is Maisie, our cocker Spaniel, out for a walk (and posing) on her beloved downs. She came to us aged 8 months, this picture was taken when she was two years old.

    Maisie is a true "Merry Cocker" and endurance is in her DNA. I walk her twice a day and she does between 3.5 and 5 miles a walk. Up to 10 miles a day and she would do more if she could.

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    This is me (Sally). You will find more about me, my love of dogs, qualifications and background in the "about us" section. I'm sure you will have noticed that Maisilly is a combination of Maisie and Lilly, but it also contains the anagram I'm Sally. I know there is an "i" left over; nothing is ever perfect is it? 

    More about Sally

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    And here we have the final logo. Unfortunately Maisie never met Lilly, they were separated by some two and a half years. This image was produced using some modern day trickery. It is however, such an evocative image to all those that knew them both. We all agree that this pose is absolutely one they would have struck together.