The overriding principle we promote throughout our business is to be flexible and responsive to our clients needs. We understand that to optimise the value of our services we must be able to cater for the changing needs of our clients on a day by day basis as well as take good care of their pets. 

Our operating routines


The majority of our clients have fixed weekly requirements for days and times they require our services. However many work shifts and require different days each week while others only require our services on a ad hoc basis. We usually plan our weekly schedule on the preceding weekend and ask clients to notify us by the Friday evening / Saturday morning of their requirements for the following week. Bookings can be made later than this but they will be subject to availability.

Our standard services and their operation are described elsewhere. However, we will agree with each client before we commence how they want us to operate, with their pets and around their home.


We require that the pets annual vaccinations are up to date and are maintained in a timely manner.

Identity tags.

It is a legal requirement (Control of Dogs Order 1992) that all dogs must wear a collar when in a public place. The collar or identity tag must also show the name and address, including postcode, of the owner. We would strongly recommend that you include a phone number and that you don't include the name of your dog. 

Difficult or problematic dogs.

We have an overriding responsibility to all our clients pets and the general public. We reserve the right to use measures to control a difficult or aggressive dog which can include lead walks only, wearing a muzzle, solo walks only or, in exceptional circumstances, not being able to walk them (this has not happened yet I'm pleased to say).


Unless otherwise agreed we will, after each walk / visit, message the client to let them know their pet is safely home and provide any information which we think the client should be aware.

Holidays including Bank Holidays.

We have availability for 52 weeks a year. We generally do not work at weekends or Bank Holidays but we do provide cover, if required, for all our current and regular clients. Bank Holidays are charged at double rate. When we  take our holidays we do provide cover but will have limited availability. We generally notify clients before the end of February of our holiday dates for the remainder of the year giving at least 2 months notice. At this time we will, where possible, plan a schedule of cover required over our holiday periods.


We invoice weekly for the previous weeks work. Invoices are usually sent out on a Sunday as attachments to an email. Payment should be made as soon as possible following receipt. Most of our clients pay directly into our Bank Account by Direct transfer. Details of our Bank Account can be found on the invoice. If required we can set up a monthly account (invoicing for 4 weeks activity). We require a returnable deposit which is calculated to be two weeks activity. This is intended to neutralise the impact on our cash flow. The deposit is returnable as part of a final invoice.

Cancellations and changes.

We understand the changing nature of our busy lives and try to be as flexible as we can to accommodate cancellations and changes. We request that changes or cancellations are notified to us by 9 pm the preceding evening and we will make no charge. For cancellations received after this time or for circumstances (outside of our control) preventing us to gain access to properties we reserve the right to charge for the planned activity.